Services for your brand to be a winner on the market

Since 2010 we have created effective solutions for small business. We love and know how to work in complex in order to achieve really high goals.

  • Brand platform
  • Brand name
  • Communication strategy
  • Corporate identity
  • Existing website optimization for certain business tasks
  • Website development
  • Website tech support
  • SEO optimization
  • Landing pages
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Polygraphy
    and out-of-home advertising
  • Products presentation
  • Contextual advertising
  • Contextual advertising starting from 20 000 rubles
in everything
  • Presentations
    and other materials for employees
  • Motivational
  • Events get-up
  • Design and pagination of corporate editions
Dmitriy Grazhdankin
Dmitriy Grazhdankin, CEO, founder and inspirer
Since 2010 we have created not just websites or corporate identities, but we have supported and became trusted partners of our clients businesses. We started as a small team, but we grew along with our clients. We are ready to work on your projects using our new resources and our previous successful experience.
Anton Kulikovskikh
Anton Kulikovskikh, International project manager
Anton Kulikovskikh is responsible for developing Web solution by formulating objectives; plans project life-cycle deliverables and resource availability and application; prepares installation and modification specifications; leads the exploration, evaluation, and design of technical solutions. Communicating with clients and developers, and monitoring the project from the beginning to its final stage.
Egor Cherkasov
Egor Cherkasov, An executive specialist of branding and corporate style department.
In era of high completion on the market it becomes more clear that even a small business needs a professional approach to form its own corporate identity and unique offer. The brand is an elaborate company image and understanding its targeted audience along with knowledge of how to work with it. Along with brand describing we are working on the name, corporate identity, website and other business instruments.
Anna Rychazhkova
Anna Rychazhkova, The leading programmer
Too complex and vague? It is true for someone, but for our programmers is something the love the most. The more difficult task the more the like it. Our priority is creating for you a stable project with a convenient system administration. We are not going to tell you about project complexity just deliver you the final product within confirmed terms fast and with guarantees.
Varvara Vakhrusheva
Varvara Vakhrusheva , SEO specialist
Even the most elaborate website is absolutely nothing if no one visit the page. The contextual advertising is the most effective and quick to attract customers. Working on the contextual advertising for your website we take into the consideration the particular qualities of your product and your audience, and we do that in the most effective way. In the end you get targeted customers and budget economy. You will get detailed reports every month in order to prove that data.

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