New name, positioning and logo for

The new look at the online travel agency

Name, logo, positioning
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About is an online travel agency with an up-to-date travel tour search and convenient payment tools. Unfortunately, he was kind of lost among the same services. Upon that fact the decision was made to change the image and positioning of the company, and also to target the audience more clearly.

Brand’s metaphor

We decided not to look at the similar services and try to distance ourselves from all of them using brand’s mood and image. The new service has to get live, human—like language to communicate with the customers. It should not only work smoothly and fast, but it should be a guide into the travel world, a friend that would recommend the very best for you.
Before showing to the client we checked different names to see how they fit into the new concept.

New name and logo

While looking for the suitable name we picked the name Domingo. This word is very easy to get it aurally; it fits into service friend-like concept, who can help to find the best trip ever. Tucan became the main character and the guide to the travel world according to the new concept.

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