Amigo is a self‑service car wash.

We created an awesome name, corporate identity and many other cool things for self-service car washes.

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About «Amigo»

Amigo is a net of self-service car washes located in Novokuznetsk. The main purpose of Amigo car washes is not only the opportunity to wash your car at the very low price, but also to increase environment awareness among the public. The client came to us with the general idea, but during the working process we came up with the name, corporate identity and the image of car washes.

The name

We came up with the name that fully reflects the idea of useful and always ready to help assistant to wash a car. Corporate identity and front part of car wash are in very bright colors to make it noticeable in the city landscape.


Amigo’s logo is very simple and friendly. We played with the idea of such an assistant who kind of telling you: hey! Roll in I’ll help you out!

Corporate identity

The corporate identity is based on Mexican motives, which can be seen due to used patterns and colors. We got something that is very bright, noticeable and positive. The patterns along with brand’s moto allowed creating its unique communication language.

Car washes design

The Amigo car wash design is one of the main identifications. It’s not just bright and recognizable, but also very easy to manufacture. The typical building appeared to be an eye-catching one within the urban environment.
Дизайн автомоек
Дизайн автомоек
Владимир Митькин, генеральный директор «Амиго»
Vladimir Mitkin
Amigo CEO
I’ve dreamt about the opening my own self-service car wash for many years. Constructive solutions studio came up with more than 200 names for it. I picked the Amigo one, because it seemed bright and interesting. They created Mexican style that thrilled me. I can tell with a 100% sure that I haven’t regret my studio choice. It’s more than 2000 people already who came to us to wash their cars.